How to Raise Positive and Empowered Kids

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Imagine yourself…

  • as a happy, relaxed and effective parent with the skills, knowledge and strategies to manage your children without yelling, fighting or threatening.
  • understanding the underlying purpose behind all behaviour
  • working smarter, not harder, in your family
  • having a genuine and positive connection with your children and helping them achieve their potential
  • confidently teaching your children the skills to live a happy, positive and empowered life
  • being your best self, not perfect but real and positive, and living your own inspirational life!

This simple, easy-to-read e-book has been written to help you achieve all this and more!

How to Raise Positive and Empowered Kids is packed with stories, strategies and the best resources I have created in nearly 40 years of psychological practice. You will get free access to some of the unique downloads and posters I have created for the thousands of people I have counselled and trained.

How to Raise Positive and Empowered Kids contains the essence of what I have learned working as a psychologist, national and international trainer, author, parent and grandparent. What I learnt transformed my approach to being a parent. It will do the same for you too, and you can start today.

This easy-to-read e-book will give you a unique and simple framework to understand and manage your family challenges. This understanding will enable you to prevent many problems from occurring in the first place.

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